Remote Support Help You Can Count ON

We know from time to time that individuals get stuck with all of the technology in this fast paced world need help. Sometimes it's minor and a little hand holding but sometimes it's bigger than you want to tackle, it's bigger than you want to tackle, this is where the experts of EFFtechnologies can assist you.

Don't be afraid to ask us a question because we are simply here to resolve your issues without backing up the bank truck to our door.Let’s face it when you need help at 9:00 a.m., or even after 10:00 p.m., when you’ve just sat down from a busy day and something fails, or even to answer the smallest of questions, who will be there? *We will be!

Imagine having access to an IT technology company at your disposal with an owner who has worked for several Fortune 100 international companies as a Chief Information Officer, Vice-President of IT Operations, and National Director of Technology, just a phone call away.

It is hard enough learning about all of the newer technology products that come out every six months, where to find information and solutions about that technology, shouldn't be.We can help with the installation of, or updating a software application, performance updates, system drivers, peripherals such as a printer or camera, latest security patches, removing unneeded applications to boost system performance, setting up or help managing backups to protect from data loss, help with organizing files and folders, resolving conflicts and compatibility issues, and even assistance with learning or using a new program.Keep in mind, we don't do our taxes, car repairs, or fix appliances in our own homes, we call in an expert. That's where we come in with being a partner for your technology needs.*Not so small print - 24/7/365 available for block hour(s), or premium contract individuals only, retainer contract required.


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