Another EFF’ing Milestone

We want to thank you for being apart of what we believe is a chance to turn back the clock.

Customer Service for those we serve, and those who work for us, we believe go hand in hand to give your a business or home a company that cares about how they conduct themselves.

Dean Ward started this company because he's worked in the Information Technology (IT) Service and Support industry for 20+ years and was tired of companies that put profits before customers, didn't resolve the issue with the first person they spoke too only to waste 25 minutes only to get transferred multiple times within the same company,  locked customers into contracts for monthly expenses for services they didn't ultimately use, and MOST inportantly,  took the right away from the very customer they served to walk that company right out the front door if they didn't do what they were getting paid to do.

We just don't stand behind our work we guarantee it with a new approach...

" If it's not what both parties agreed to in writing, up front, with the total out of pocket cost and work to be performed in that quote that each party receives before the work begins.....when completed...we fix it at no additional cost...or it's on don't pay us penny".  We also do not believe in long-term "lock you in" contracts.


You're going to want to come back to find out information about our contest to achieve the 200th like and beyond! ...let's just say a little extra cash for the holidays may come in handy.


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More EFF’ing Growth!

As we grow, we want to do our part to support business in our community.  EFFtechnologies LLC,  recognize our responsibility to support our communities and those living within them. It is important for all of us to give back but it is especially important for businesses to support the communities in which they operate. Taking…
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