Fast Food – Net Neutrality Explained

A better way to explain net neutrality?  ...use fast food

Nothing brought net neutrality to the fore of people's minds more than the FCC's plan to take it away. From the very beginning, when FCC Chair Ajit Pai announced his intentions to repeal 2015 net neutrality protections, to December 14th when the FCC voted three to two to approve the repeal, the public outcry was manifested in the form of widespread protests, letters of appeal and even death threats. But what may be the clearest sign of net neutrality's move to the mainstream -- as well as the egregiousness of the FCC's vote -- is Burger King's new ad, a demonstration of net neutrality using Whoppers as an allegory.

Of course, this isn't just a PSA, it is an ad after all and rooted in marketing for the brand, but we'll forgive that and its inaccuracy since it also includes a not-so-subtle jab at Ajit Pai and his ridiculous, giant Reese's mug.

The Federal Communications Commission Holds Open Meeting And Votes On Net Neutrality Rules



Via: Reuters

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