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Same Day Emergency Support - unscheduled event


If your network or systems are down, you'll need support as soon as possible. We have procedures in place to ensure that you receive Same Day Emergency Support for network emergencies 24/7. Please contact us at or contact us at 440-388-4100, or book it online, and we will respond promptly.



$55.00 an hrs in 15-minute increments


Ask a Tech - Pay Per Incident (PPI) 




Designed researched advice to help you navigate or provide training links on a single issue. Notifications, updates, installs, and re-installs, are confusing and if performed incorrectly can render your device inoperable.  Yes, you can look it up on the internet but are you 100% confident to pull the trigger?   Be sure, be safe, and could save you time and money in the long run.


Don't go it alone,

Basic Hourly Charges


$90.00 per hour - Onsite at your location
$60.00 per hour - For all remote support services


(Billed in 15-minute increments)

...sorry, we don't believe in fine print, the price is the price.,,



$30.00 flat fee


If we are fortunate enough to win your business and perform an additional service you'll never be billed for a diagnostic fee.

...we guarantee ,