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EFFtechnologies is simply “Efficient Technology”…or on days your technology doesn’t work the way you expect our name takes on a whole and different more humorous meaning.

EFFtechnologies was created to do away with the frustrations that most individuals experience every day in having to deal with today’s so called customer service providers and the technology solutions they’re supposed to stand by after handing you the receipt.

Every day thousands of businesses and individuals are forced to learn, guess, or get trapped on never ending phone calls with engineers from the maker of these products and solutions that only speak in a non-relatable language to the average customer. This is frustrating to most customers because this disrupts their day when they should be out enjoying it. It’s not a secret or even rocket science that having the right support can reduce the time spent as well as one’s level of frustration.

We want to welcome you to a new way of thinking and handling your technology issues. The president and owner, Dean Ward, has spent over 20 years constructing IT policy and procedures, designing systems, building infrastructures, and has built customer support centers from the ground up for several fortune 100 companies across the nation. He has dedicated his career to making things right the first time, acknowledging when things go wrong, and doesn't stop until a customer is satisfied.

At the end of the day, we realize it doesn’t matter how good your product is if the customer isn’t happy. We changed the approach to support and customer service to simplify the process that involves the customer, most of the time by simply listening to them.

President and Owner


Dean A. Ward, has over 20 years of experience that includes previous roles as the VP of Operations, CIO of Energy West, acting CIO for The Kennedy Group, The Director of Information Technologies for Hausser + Taylor/Maloney + Novotny LLC., The National Manager of the IT Support Center at RSM McGladrey, Regional Economic Leader, the National Manager of IT Customer Support for American Express, and most recently as a consultant for Xerox and Apple.

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Q: Do you do backups?
A: Great question, yes we do, in fact, we have several options depending on what you want to be backed up.

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The Journey Begins

Our goal is to provide the best service at the most cost-effective prices to your company or for your home setting.  We want a long-lasting partnership, and not just be another vendor you dread calling.  If you think we could improve our service in any way, tell us, we love knowing what you think and are always looking to improve.


Remote pricing versus if we come to you

Did you know you can save $30.00 an hour just by having us provide you your support via an engineer securely remoting into your device or by walking you through step by step instructions over the phone?  Find out how..Here


We are green, just look at our logo!

All of our invoicing, payments, and quotes, are provided to you electronically by design, and we are proud of that for many reasons.  We believe that we can provide a better experience for those we serve.  This is not to say that if you are more comfortable with the feel of paper in your hand, or handing us a paper check, we won't accommodate.


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